Songwriter Alan Scott debuts music video featuring Eric Garner's mother

D.C. songwriter and music teacher Alan Scott debuts his new song “You Only See Me When I’m Gone,” a song written and recorded in the wake of incidents in Ferguson and Baltimore and mass shootings in Charleston, S.C. Scott and Mark Williams produced the song and the Lenny Bass-directed video also features Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner.

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Alan Scott Shares "You Only See Me When I'm Gone" 

 Singer-Songwriter Alan Scott shares the touching new video for "You Only See Me When I'm Gone," which has been hitting close to home with a lot of listeners. 


Memorializing Black Life Through Music

Some turn to private therapy, some lean on their community and loved ones, and some immerse themselves in their work. For singer-songwriter Alan Scott, the process of healing and recovering from the trauma of black death began with doing what he does best: music. 

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You Only See Me When I'm Gone

Local guitar teacher and artist, Alan Scott, wrote this song to bring people together. 

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The Sundilla Radio Hour

The Sundilla Radio Hour for the week of 07/25/2016 featuring new music from Caitlin Canty, Greg Greenway, Catie Curtis, Lisa Herschovitch, and Solomon Cook. 

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